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Freelance Art and Design Portfolio of Joe Adams
Responsible for all concept, design,
art and photo direction, illustration,
retouching, sculpture and production
on each project shown on this site.

Call Joe for a project quote: 503 369 6996

Copyright 2019 - Joseph M. Adams

Posters and Ad Campaigns

Poster (in process with client)

3 of 11 Posters, 3 x 4 feet each

1 of 12 Posters, 3 x 4 feet each

1 of 4 Posters and Print Ad Campaign

National Print Ad Campaign

Retouching detail of client prototype perfume bottle

Posters and T-Shirts


Designed Logo and 70 page website over long term, now in process of being updated.

Package Label Design and Illustration

Portraits - Graphite Drawings and Oil Paintings
Artworks and Illustrations - any subject matter, many styles and processes available.

Interior and Exterior Murals

Theatre Set Design, Scene Painting and Set Construction
Large Scale Sculpture for Theatre and Event Companies

Hand Carved and Painted Outdoor Signage

Licensor and Product Designer
Developed two successful national lines of giftware.

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Copyright 2019 - Joseph M. Adams